Excellent! Jozef Banáš has conquered the limit of 200,000 sold copies

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Eight years have passed since the publication of Jozef´s first bestselling book Idioti v politike (Idiots in Politics). During this time he has become the most translated Slovak author (in December, the tenth translation, the Bulgarian Jubilation Zone, will be released) as well as one of the best sold writers in Slovakia.

By the end of October the sales numbers exceeded 200,000!

Jozef´s books have been published by Sofa, Kelion, QEX and since 2010, Jozef is the core author of Ikar, the largest publishing house in Slovakia, which has sold 159,424 copies. The remaining publishers share 45,044 sold pieces. These results sum up to amazing 204,468 sold copies.

And which novels have sold best by the end of October?

Kód 9 (Code 9)   48,208 copies
Kód 1 (Code 1)   32,413 copies
Idioti v politike (Idiots in Politics) 30,877 copies
Sezóna potkanov (Rat Season) 28,600 copies
Zóna nadšenia (Jubilation Zone)   24,375 copies



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