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Welcome. Enter my site and share with me joys and sorrows, successes and temporary defeats. Temporary, because I know that I can fall to the ground any time, yet I know that I must stand up again as soon as possible. Each fall holds the beginning of a future rise. Are you ready to fall and rise with me? Then you are in the right place. I do not fight with others, but with myself.
I try to be better than I was yesterday. Should you support me on my way, I would be very grateful. I will try to reciprocate your visit with love, understanding and a good word. Please, feel free to enter. Welcome.   
Jozef Banáš

Curriculum Vitae

Jozef Banáš (1948)
is one of Slovakia’s most successful authors of the last decade. He is the holder of many literary awards, both domestic and international.
His books have been translated into eight languages. He has debated about his works in sixteen countries. J. Banáš’s work has been appreciated by the President of the German Bundestag Prof. Norbert Lammert, the most prominent Indian philosopher Prof. Satya P. Gautam, the Ukrainian writer Yuriy Shcherbak, the Swiss Professor Josette Baer, the Czech talk show host Jan Kraus, the German opinion journalist Peter Pragal, and many others.
Dan Brown has called him a “seeker of the truth”, and at a meeting in Kashmir in July 2014, the Dalai Lama blessed him for his efforts to bring people closer together. He published four TV scenarios, one screenplay, three Theatre comedies, thirteen books in Slovakia, ten abroad (Stop Dubcek!, Zone of Enthusiasm, Code 9 – Czech republic, Idiots in politics – Egypt, Zone of Enthusiasm – Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, India, Bulgaria) so far.

Jozef Banáš – the second most popular writer in Slovakia in 2016 791
Jozef Banáš was awarded the Golden and Platinum Book prizes for the year 2016 820
Jozef Banáš has sold more than a quarter of a million books 964
Jozef Banáš beats the record with his novel Kód 9 (Code 9) – 50,000 sold copies! 834
The Slovak author Jozef Banáš has a dream of Europe 1125
An interview with Jozef Banáš published by a prestigious Russian magazine 920
Jozef Banáš: The closing of borders is a tragedy, but Europe is pushed to do so by Merkel, Tusk and their kind. [INTERVIEW] 1062
Jozef Banáš: Everything bad you do will catch up with you someday 1318
The most translated Slovak novel is Banáš´s Zone of Enthusiasm 1373
Excellent! Jozef Banáš has conquered the limit of 200,000 sold copies 1202
Banáš´s international success 1697
Lincoln´s Truth 1688
Jozef Banáš has won the Platinum Book Award! 1688
The Slovak Dan Brown outplayed the American one 1679
Jozef Banas introduces the Literature of German – speaking countries 1573
Jozef Banáš: TOLSTOY 1818
JOZEF BANÁŠ: I regret that I was member of a coalition which agreed to the invasion of Iraq 1663
Jozef Banáš beats the records 1849
War in Europe? Not in Our Name, Say Schroder, Banas, Miklosko and Others 1741
Second man in Germany writes to Jozef Banáš 1896
The Indian philosopher Satya P.Gautam about the novel Jubilation zone 1877
Jozef Banáš´s novel Code 1 won the readers´ poll Book of the Year 2013 1999
The secret of Code 1 has been revealed to me. 2119
Jozef Banáš was awarded the Book Oscar for the year 2013 2191
Banáš with a Golden Book Award 2210
Israel 2401
Jozef Banáš´s books sold more than 150,000 copies 2106
World famous Dan Brown showed interest in the Slovak novel Code 1 2240
“Zona Nadsenia” for American and English readers 2294
Jozef Banáš: If they want to prohibit Code 1, they have to prohibit the Gospels first 2320
Jozef Banáš: Code 1 – story line 2882
Jozef Banáš: Code 1 --- Author’s afterword: Something else I wanted to say 2168
“Slovak bishops would chase Christ away” 2311
A selection of reviews – Zone of Jubilation by Jozef Banáš 2550
A week of Slovak culture was held in Remscheid, Germany 3386
Jozef Banáš at Book World Prague 2013 2939
Launch of a Hindi book in Bratislava 4741
Jozef Banáš´s novel has been released in Ukraine as well 2628
The Platinum Book Award for Jozef Banáš 2695
Believer in goodness 2909
Extract of the publicity in Indian papers 2874
Banáš´ novel Zóna nadšenia (Zone of Enthusiasm) was published in India 3346
A Cosmopolitan and a European: A conversation with Slovak novelist Jozef Banáš 7190
First chapter of Zone of Enthusiasm 4358
The Zone of Enthusiasm - Rewiew 7954
Profile 3509
Literary works 3290
Books 3823
Banáš in the USA and in India 3292
Review Zastavte Dubčeka KOSMAS JBAER 3513

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