Second man in Germany writes to Jozef Banáš

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President of the Bundestag, Prof.Dr.Norbert Lammert read the novel of Jozef Banáš Jubilationzone. What does he writes to the Autor?


Dear Jozef Banáš,

during my vacation, I found the time to read your book, which you had been so kind to present me during my visit in Bratislava at the beginning of March. I do not know if I would have snatched it from the much too large pile of books which I usually take with me for a much too short period of time, if it were not for the coming 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall which arouse a new interest in me to sum up the almost unbelievable events of those days and the developments before and after them.

That´s exactly what you impressively succeeded to do in your remarkable novel filled with descriptions of experiences and events before and after the historic events. Whereupon, the contemporary born in the same year as you but raised in the happier part of Europe is very much concerned with the question which of the depicted life circumstances fully corresponded to the reality and which were approximate could-be-descriptions.

By all means, you have largely contributed to my better understanding of those not always “Happy Years” (Die Wunderbaren Jahre, Reiner Kunze) and simultaneously have stirred up some new questions which I would love to discuss with you. Maybe an opportunity will offer itself. Whenever you come to Berlin again, please let me know…

Thank you for the strongly inspiring reading!

Norbert Lammert




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