Jozef Banáš´s novel has been released in Ukraine as well

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Zóna nadšeniaUkraine has joined the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and India as another country in which the exceptionally successful novel Zóna nadšenia (Zone of Enthusiasm) written by Jozef Banáš has been published. A release in the USA and in Serbia is being prepared as well.

On March 14th, the official introduction of the novel in Ukrainian language took place in the Embassy of Slovakia in Kiev. The event was attended by the Ambassador Pavol Hamžík, the director of the publishing house Timpani Jaroslav Fedyshin, the translator Ivan Jackanin and further significant personalities of culture, politics, students and diplomats, who act in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian version of the novel was released by the publishing house Timpani in Ushgorod. The Zone of Enthusiasm is a dramatic story of love and friendship among a young Ukrainian woman, a Slovak young man and a German friend which evolves on the background of real historic events in Germany, Czech and Slovak Republics, Ukraine and Russia (Soviet Union) during the years 1968 till 2008.

TA SR, Press agency of Slovak Republic, March 15th, 2013

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